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Another day gone…

March 28, 2011

Another day gone.  First the Rolling Stones grabbed (Ruby) Tuesday, Blondie snared Sunday (Girl), next the Bee Gees cornered Saturday (Night Fever) then the Bangles nabbed (manic) Monday, it seems certain that Friday is also now off the menu.  Pop Friday now belongs to Rebecca Black. So all we are left with is the 2 dull middle days of the week – Wednesday and Thursday, all the good ones are gone.

But what Rebecca Black has achieved in under 3 weeks is nothing short of sensational.  Over 60 million views already (approaching 3 times what Lady Gaga has achieved for ‘Born This Way’).  But is the song really that bad?  Yes the lyrics are as bad as Kate Nash (remember ‘Mouthwash’?) and let’s remember Kate is signed to Island Def Jam and scored a number 1 album and then a Brit Award. But ‘Friday’ is catchy as hell and on friday was being played in offices up and down the country.  Whether we like it or not, it could become the definitive weekend anthem that we all love to hate.  If you strip away the lyrics and just listen to the music its actually pretty good pop…particularly played by an orchestra:

So why only 12 radio plays (in total) across the US so far?  The track is climbing the Billboard charts and is fast becoming the 2011 touchstone social event.  My view is that the industry is privately terrified of what Rebecca has achieved with $2,000.  If she can do this, what is the point of the label structure at all?  She has accidentally created pop music gold – a catchy, annoying hook with appalling lyrics, something that all the marketing in the world could not have achieved.

Anyway – the question remains – is this really the worst track ever?  Well, we put the track through SoundOut Pro shortly after it was released and you can now find out by downloading the full report here:

Yes it is the worst pop track released so far this year, however there are plenty of major label releases that have rated worse over the past 12 months including The Human League’s ‘Night People’ and Tinchy Stryder’s ‘Game Over’.


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