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Slicethepie team up with Bucks Music Group

November 16, 2010

It’s a big day for music, with Apple’s massively anticipated announcement due. In other news there’s also a whole lot of noise about Facebook’s ‘not’ email.  In both cases the noise is worthwhile, both Apple and Facebook are leaders in their fields. Will Apple’s announcement make more of an impact than Ping did, probably, will facebook mail change our lives, I’m not sure. Anyway, we at Slicethepie have been developing a number of services for the music industry over the past months, and today is the official launch of our partnership with leading independent publisher Bucks Music Group. So back to the original point, today is a big day for music…

The partnership will see Bucks administering tracks that have been indexed through SoundOut using SoundOut’s semantic search technology at Tracks processed by SoundOut get wrapped with 1000s of descriptive and emotional words as well as ranked and positioned within their genre.  This means that they can be instantly matched to either a music brief or a similar artist, or another artist/track that has been processed through SoundOut. We’d go as far to say as there’s nothing else like this in music search. Whilst this is a milestone for Slicethepie and for artists who can now access these commercial opportunities (we also recently partnered with Fontana), it’s just the first roll out of the technology, and along with SoundOut research a great leap forward for us.

The full press release about our bucks partnership can be found here.

And now like the rest of you, I’m going to sit (clutching my iPhone) and wait for the big Apple announcement…


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